Jacksonville Train Depot celebrates 150th Anniversary


JP Wood, Staff Writer

The historic Jacksonville Train Depot held a 150th anniversary event on Sunday afternoon.

The event commemorated the day that the depot originally opened for the first time. Many Jacksonville residents gathered at the depot for a slideshow documenting the building’s history, some refreshments, and fellowship.

According to Janice Burns of the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation department, the event allows those who have never been to the depot for an event to step foot inside and witness the results of the restoration themselves.

“We wanted to give everyone the chance to see what it looks like now” she said.

The depot is open as rental space for events such as weddings, parties and receptions. It sits on the historic Chief Ladiga trail, and as such, gets much foot traffic from pedestrians on the trail. For rental information, contact the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department at 256-435-8115.

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