The Gridiron Review

Host: Garrett Sanders

Friday night’s from 10 PM – 12 AM Midnight


The Gridiron Review is a sports podcast dedicated to the most passionate, dedicated sports fans in the country. With Host Garrett Sanders giving you breaking news of the best stories in sports, opinions on the hottest topics you won’t get anywhere else, picks and analysis of the best matchups, and a podcast where you, the fans, have a voice, there is no wonder why The Gridiron Review is right for you!

Previously airing back in the Fall of 2016, The Gridiron Review was a huge success with having over thousands of sports fans tuning in every week. From the most popular, famous segment “Terry’s Upset of the Week”, to having special guest pickers every week, and a great team of sports podcast junkies talking sports, The Gridiron Review was must a listen podcast to sports fans everywhere!

However, due to certain conflict and circumstances, The Gridiron Review was unfortunately discontinued and off the air for a long period of time. But after a year and a half of being off the air, The Gridiron Review is making a comeback and will be better than it ever has been!

The Gridiron Review now has a new phone system! Call the Toll-Free Number at 855-243-GRID! Also make sure to give The Gridiron Review a Like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter and Instagram @GridRevPodcast! You can also find The Gridiron Review on almost any podcasting format you can think of! Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, etc. you name it, The Gridiron Review is there!

Be sure to tune in to the best sports podcast on the market every single Friday from 10 PM CT to 12 AM CT on 91.9 WLJS! We hope you to see you tune in to The Gridiron Review, where the gridiron comes to you!

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