Meet the Newbies: A message from new Sports Editor Baylee Morris

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Baylee Morris, Sports Editor

Are you ready for some football, basketball, baseball, softball and more? Well I’m your girl. I guess I should introduce myself before I get too carried away.

The name is Baylee Brett Morris and I’m the new sports editor for The Chanticleer. I’m a senior in the communication department here at Jacksonville State University. My days are never dull, from class, to writing sports articles, or editing for TV 24. Sports have been a part of my life since I was born. My focus is in broadcasting where one day I hope all of you beautiful people can see me on ESPN, Fox Sports, or even the NFL Network.

When I am not on campus at JSU, I am down at TV 24 in Oxford where I’m the Editor of the news. Also, on Friday nights I go out and shoot multiple football games. After those games, I run the audio board for the Pigskin Roundup, one of the best post game football shows in the state of Alabama. (Okay I may be a little biased)

This year I hope to write the sports as they are meant to be reported as well as bringing light to the less popular sports such as volleyball, soccer, golf, and track. Because, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll tell you there are some diamonds in the rough, and they need the spotlight as well. So be sure to pick up a copy or go to our Facebook page every Thursday to check out the latest in Jacksonville State sports news.

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