Some hard-earned time off: JSU International House educates students about Labor Day


JSU’s International House held an event to teach students about the history of Labor Day. (JP Wood/The Chanticleer)

JP Wood, Staff Reporter

As students were returning home from their three day weekend, the International House students put on an event to demonstrate the significance of the holiday. JSU students were welcomed in to the International House with cookies, drinks and friendly house residents. Refreshments weren’t the only thing being served up though. House residents had prepared presentations about the labor day holiday that were out for visitors to read. According to returning resident Meg Bourths, “We’re showing basically what labor day is, the history behind it and how it is celebrated in different cultures.”

Usually celebrated on the first Monday of September, the holiday honors the importance of the nation’s workforce. Labor Day in the US also marks the end of the summer season, and the return of school for most of the country. In much of the rest of the world it is synonymous with International Workers Day, which falls on the first of May. The date was chosen by international socialist parties to commemorate Chicago’s Haymarket Square affair in 1886.

The labor day event is just one of many that the International House holds throughout the year. Most of these events, like this one, promote the exchange of cultures on campus. ‘“The thing that’s the greatest about the International House is that they’re open to exchange” says house resident Sushand Chhetry. Living in the house and putting on these types of events really gives residents a sense of cultural awareness. “It’s a lot like studying abroad but in America” according to first-year resident Michael Canady.

At the end of this month, the house will hold United Nations Day Tea, which will be the biggest event held at the House. “It’s our way of showing the cultural exchange we have in the house” says Bourths. The event is an expo of sorts for the international students to promote their culture, with dancing and singing performances as well as poetry readings.

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