JSU hosts multiple art shows

Sydney Spencer, A&E Reporter


young lee

From “YLSST” by Young Lee

The Jacksonville State University Art Department hosted an art exhibit for two artists last Thursday. Young Lee was one of the artists who was able to display his work. He was born in South Korea and earned two associate degrees from North Georgia in Business Administration and Studio Arts. During his speech, Lee explains how he started out as an artist who just wrote poetry, but as he got older and broadened his perspective on art he became more interested in photography and graphic design. The art gallery displayed eight strong pieces of art from Lee’s current collection, YLSST. The work that seemed the best received involves graphic design images of flowers, a lighthouse, and vibrant colors. When asked what inspired his artwork Lee says, “A lot of poetry.” Lee has made substantial progress with his artwork over the years and has a promising future as an artist.

The second artist with artwork displayed is Justin Farmer. Justin Farmer graduated from Jacksonville State University with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. The name of his

justin farmer

“My Damn Self” by Justin Farmer

collection is Homegrown. All of the art pieces displayed showed a correlation to nature. Farmer was inspired to create by the people he met at JSU, their cultures, and new ways of the world that he did not know about before. They all helped him create artwork about his culture and gave him an outlet to introduce it to people who are not familiar with it. Farmer also states how his surroundings, family, and friends helped stimulate his mind to create these beautiful pieces. Out of all artwork displayed, the oil painting titled, “My Damn Self” was the only one sold so far in the collection. It features lively colored peaches, exuberant green plants, and the peach picker presented in the middle.    The depiction of southern landscapes throughout the art of Homegrown give a new appreciation to southern culture.


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