Ant-man and the Wasp stings viewers

James A. King, A&E Writer

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Marvel has been on a roll this year with their last two movies, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, have made billions of dollars each. Black Panther being the first movie coming out this year had arguably one of the most compelling villains in the marvel movie universe. Its unique afro-futuristic style and highly political message against racism and isolationism really struck a chord with audiences.

Avengers: Infinity War on the other hand is the culmination of everything that the Marvel cinematic universe has been working for its then 18 movie run. Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, may be the best villain that Marvel Studios has put to screen. The movie expertly juggles its massive cast of heroes, with a few light-hearted moments, and perhaps one of the darkest moments of the franchise.

Compared these movies, Ant-Man and the Wasp doesn’t measure up. It’s a much smaller movie in scope with our heroes on a rescue mission. Ant-Man and the Wasp Is a lot of fun using the shrinking power from the first movie in new and fun ways. The car chase in this movie is amazing, one of the best in Marvel since Captain America: Civil War. The fights themselves lead to a lot of funny, inventive, and intense moments and are ton of fun to watch. The comedy is typically great although, there are a few moments where the joke doesn’t quite land. This film has some genuinely great moments of drama and some really great performances.

The story of Ant-Man and the Wasp takes place after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd, has managed to get off with essentially a slap on the wrist, house arrest. Scott has started a small security firm with his criminal buddies. Later, Scott has some strange dreams. He contacts Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas, and Hope Van Dyne, played by Evangeline Lilly, who are on the run from the government because of Scott’s part in Civil War. The movie then turns to a rescue mission of Janet Van Dyne, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and the protagonists attempt to unshrink her from the quantum realm. The antagonists Ava Starr or Ghost, playedby Hannah John-Kamen, is a victim of a similar quantum experiment looking for a cure to her condition while Sonny Burch, played by Walton Goggins, is a black-market arms dealer after their technology to sell as weapons.

This movie tries to load in as much as it can to its detriment. The B-plot of the movie involving the Burch character and Lang’s former criminal buddies isn’t completelyneeded. Rudd’s character takes on much smaller role and is mostly there for comedy relief, making him feel almost useless in his own movie. This is very much a story about the Pym Family. The third act of the movie really hurts the plot.  It just wraps things up with little or no explanation.

Beyond that, I really enjoyed the movie and felt that it was on par with the first Ant-Man movie yet it never rises above it. It feels like a classic Marvel movie and that is both its greatest strength and its weakness because after some game changing sequels this movie isn’t quite as original. I do recommend checking it out if you have a chance to see it. The movie is out in theatres and due for home release in October.

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