Meet the Newbies: A Message from new Arts & Entertainment Editor Taylor Mitchell

Taylor Mitchell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Whats up guys and welcome to the Chanticleer…


(Taylor Mitchell/ The Chanticleer)

Wait this isn’t a radio show is it?

Either way I am Taylor B. Mitchell. You may recognize me from such radio hits as Arcade Fire and Animated Imports on WLJS. I am honored to be serving as your new Arts and Entertainment editor.

I am a communication student in probably the purest sense in that I kinda do a bit of everything. On top of my radio shows I have written for the Chanticleer for two years as an arts and entertainment reporter and video game critic. I have also worked on a couple of short film projects.

Most of my interests revolve around video games and films. I adore experiencing, discussing, and critiquing media both new and old. I often feel like criticism is an unappreciated part of journalism, as if the analysis of media has less of a practical use than straight journalism. As a journalist first and foremost, I understand this concept as the news must come first, but journalists should also try to give something back to their audiences. For me, that takes the form of intellectually stimulating that takes a piece of media apart while given them a feel on if they would enjoy it or not.

With this in mind, criticism is something I want to bring more of to this little section here. I feel the discussion of media is an important part of what art is, and while it won’t overtake the news, it should always be present. Beyond that I also want to shift the section to focusing more on campus media and art. I feel like sometimes we overlook the wonderful talent JSU’s student body has in their artistic and media endeavors.

I wanted to give a glimpse on my ideas about the role of the Arts and Entertainment section.  I know you’re all going to enjoy the direction we are taking this semester.

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