It Happens

Thursdays, 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Host: Kate Fleming

It Happens is a new show focused on the ins and outs and the dos and donts of dating! In today’s world of online dating and social media stalking, it is hard to find that special someone and once you do find that special someone, how do you know if they’re really “the one”? It Happens features different guests so the audience can hear multiple opinions on certain issues. It Happens also features “Dating Advice with Kate,” a segment where Kate answers listener’s dating questions, “Tinder Fails,” a segment dedicated to those very hilarious and embarrassing Tinder mistakes and “Mountain Magic,” a segment all about those sweet moments in the love lives of listeners.

“Mountain Magic” was inspired by a first date that Kate found extremely touching, which involved a picnic on top of a mountain. “Tinder Fails” was inspired by Kate’s personal Tinder fails and those her friends have shared with her and “Dating Advice with Kate” was inspired by “Dear Abby” columns she has read before.

In between segments, listeners can enjoy an assortment of music from local artists like The Sunsets, to pop artists like Justin Bieber and classic stars like Bruce Springsteen. With a wide variety of artists, listeners will never be bored.

During the first show, Kate and her guest Spencer talked about their personal Tinder dating fails and they also shared their Tinder dating advice. In upcoming shows, Kate plans to discuss “How to Know When They Like You Too,” “First Date Disasters,” and “What Not To Wear: First Date Edition.”

Make sure you like It Happens on Facebook at  and if you have dating questions, be sure to call in during the show!


Kate Fleming

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