Goodbye to “one of a Cline”

To the fearless Katie Cline,

You have been the brightest light in the office since the first day I stepped into it. Full of witty humor and kindness, you took a new A&E girl in without a blink and made me feel welcome and, most importantly, home. I will never forget the openness that you ensured I was extended from day one. I remember leaving the first time meeting you thinking about how much I hoped you liked me and how I hoped I made a good impression because I thought so highly of you.


Katie Cline and Alissa Camplin at GO! Orientation in summer 2017 (photo via The Chanticleer).

There are so many traits you possess that I aspire to be when I grow up: brave, brilliant and altogether beautiful. Your grace and smarts are unmatched. Thank you for the times you didn’t roll your eyes when I had to ask basic grammar questions or when I told you I would be a feeeeeew minutes past deadline.

Thank you for the times you joined in singing (screaming) Ed Sheeran in the office, and thank you for turning a blind eye to the shenanigans that Tim and I would get ourselves into.

Thank you for an abundance of Taco Tuesdays and tequila. Thank you for the advice I didn’t want to hear and the guidance when I needed it more than anything else in the world. Thank you for the effort you put into making this newspaper a force to be reckoned with the university. I will always be honored to have worked under such an all-around amazing editor-in-chief.

I’m crying as I type this because I am so not ready to let you move on, but I am so excited for your future. Kansas doesn’t know how lucky it is to be earning such a gem of the hills. This office will miss your laugh and I will always wince at the thought of walking in and not seeing you cuddled up in your blanket behind your computer.

Katherine, I love you endlessly. Because you were here, the Chanticleer is a better place. Thank you for being “one of a Cline.”Thank you for being my friend.


Alissa Camplin

Arts and Entertainment Editor

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