A Gamble pays off: Kasey Gamble elected SGA President

Kasey Gamble, SGA.

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JSU held its annual SGA elections on Tuesday, April 17. At 4 p.m. that afternoon, the new SGA positions were announced.

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Kasey Gamble was elected the 2018-2019 SGA President in Tuesday’s election (photo by Matt Reynolds/JSU)

Sophomore Kasey Gamble was elected president, replacing current president Ranger Rumrill, a graduating senior. Gamble has spent the past school year as the Vice President of the Student Activities (VPSA) for the SGA, has won the election and is now sporting the title of SGA President.

“I am so extremely blessed to be your new SGA President! Thank you SO much to those of you who voted today. I can’t wait to start working for you!” Gamble wrote on Facebook following the announcement, along with her hashtag, “#youtookagamble.”

Kasey began her involvement in the SGA towards the end of her freshman year. Right off the bat she became the VPSA. She contributed even more by becoming a student senator. Kasey is extremely passionate about the entirety of SGA and thoroughly enjoys being a part of the Executive Team.

The SGA is known for being an active organization on campus that is all about interacting with the entire Gamecock nation. Gamble takes her responsibilities seriously, and has shared her immense pleasure in being one of only five students that are to represent the entire Gamecock family.

Kasey shares her many thoughts, ideas and plans for the SGA for the upcoming 2018-2019 school-year in a series of campaign videos released in the week leading up to the elections. She plans to efficiently link a clear line of communication between students, the SGA and the administration. Kasey also plans to provide students the opportunity to voice their opinions, and she promises to keep the students up-to-date with the decisions and changes going on around campus.

“I want you to know what’s happening with our SGA and our administration and how these decisions will directly affect you,” Gamble said in her 12 video. “I also want to plan opportunities for you to connect with our administration. This way, you can tell your story and become more than just an enrollment number.”

Gamble is determined to make JSU feel like home for each and every individual that attends the Friendliest Campus in the South, and she is urging students to get more involved around campus. Gamble is thrilled to be the new President of the SGA, and is excited for the upcoming year. The SGA hopes to continue to grow and prosper under the direction of Gamble and the rest of the determined officers that make up next year’s Executive Team.

In the SGA, there are four vice presidents that cover different aspects of the organization. For this upcoming school year, the Vice Presidents are as follows: Laci Gurganus is now the Vice President of the Student Senate; Desmond Thomas is the VPSA; Ulises Herrera is the Vice President of Public Relations, and William Milner is the Vice President of Organizational Affairs. The following people will serve as SGA Senators: Mariana Alvarez, Kevin Barajas, Corvin Dixon, Tyler Elsberry, Gregory Heathcock, Nashby Fils, Justin Jones, Zavius Kidd, Adam McNeal, Devin Ogle, Brenden Perry, Brittany Sanders, Kathleen Seibert, Jerod Sharp, Madison Shearer, Taylor Smith, Olivea Taylor, Abigaile Warren, Kyra Watral and Kemuel Williams.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 11.56.42 AM.png

Newly elected VPSS Laci Gurganus and her friend Kaleigh Ferguson hand out donuts on Tuesday in front of the TMB. Gurganus’ slogan was “‘Donut’ forget to vote for Laci!” (photo via Laci Gurganus (@laci_paige)/Instagram)

Along with these esteemed leaders, other JSU students were elected by their peers to be known as Miss and Mr. Friendly and also Miss and Mr. Jax State. The 2017-2018 Miss and Mr. Friendly are Rilee Sitton and Gregory Heathcock, and the 2017-2018 Miss and Mr. Jax State are Rebekah Beasley and Ethan Jackson.

A sincere round of congratulations is in order for all who participated in the election. The upcoming academic year is bound to be a success with such an incredible, determined and intelligent group of young leaders.


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