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JSU and the surrounding community was hit by a EF-3 tornado on March 19, 2018, severely damaging 23 buildings and impacting 50 more. Thankfully, the spring break tornado did not result in any loss of life. University faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and neighbors have united during this difficult time and pledged to rebuild our beautiful campus and local community and rise from the rubble even stronger than before.

The Chanticleer staff have compiled a list of dates, contacts and facts we’ve learned regarding the end of the Spring semester. We do not claim that this list is all-inclusive, as new information is becoming available each day. As of Wednesday, April 11 this information has been determined to be accurate.

  • Thursday, April 12 is the last day to choose an option for finishing the semester: Option 1—take your grade as is; Option 2—take an incomplete in the class; Option 3—finish the class.
  • Students who choose Option 1 must still complete an in-class assignment the last week of class (April 23-30) to show that they are “engaged in the semester” for its entirety. This assignment may differ from class to class but will not affect the student’s grade and is necessary for accrediting organizations outside the university, such as the Alabama State Department of Education.
  • Students receiving VA benefits or assistance MAY NOT be eligible to take Option 1. Please contact Veteran Services at (256) 782-8838 or veterans@jsu.edu with questions. The Veteran Services Office is located in the Daugette Hall Basement.
  • Some other students may not be eligible to take Option 1 because of Financial Aid requirements. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (256) 782-5006 or in Room 107 Bibb Graves to inquire about your Financial Aid standing.
  • Students are discouraged from taking an incomplete in a class if possible, as this may affect their financial aid status. For example, if a student is taking 14 hours of class, and he or she takes an incomplete in one 3-hour class, this would drop him or her to only 11 completed hours. If the student is on a scholarship that requires him or her to complete a minimum of 12 hours each semester, his or her scholarship could be revoked, and he or she would have to formally appeal the decision.
  • Students who do choose to take one or more incompletes should complete the class before the end of the summer session in July.
  • Students enrolled in Honors classes (such as ART 203; EH 103, 104, 219; HY 103, 203; MU 236; UH 101, 201, 202, 399; EC 225, 226; BY 105, 107; CS 202; MS 111; PSY 202, 498, etc.) MAY take Option 1 if approved by their professor. These students WILL receive Honors credit toward graduation for the class. Contact the Honors Program at (256) 782-5696 or email cmooney1@jsu.edu, jwhitmore@jsu.edu or ljowens@jsu.edu with further questions. The Honors Program staff are now located in Martin Hall Room 107 and in Club Martin.
  • Students taking Honors by Contract classes must choose Option 3 (finish the class) and complete all course requirements as determined by their professor AND Honors by Contract requirements in order to receive Honors credit toward graduation. Contact the Honors Program at (256) 782-5696 or email cmooney1@jsu.edu, jwhitmore@jsu.edu or ljowens@jsu.edu with further questions. The Honors Program staff are now located in Martin Hall Room 107 and in Club Martin.
  • If a student is taking an Honors by Contract class and the professor has agreed to alter the original Honors by Contract assignment, this change needs to be communicated to the Honors Program via the professor so the Program can approve the change.
  • Mrs. Denise Davis, secretary of Criminal Justice, has been moved to Fort McClellan as of this printing. She can be reached at ddavis@jsu.edu or (256) 782-5335. All other Criminal Justice and Sociology faculty are in Brewer Hall. As of this printing, they do not have phone or Internet access.
  • Dr. Robert Felgar and Mrs. Susan Hurst, department head and secretary of English, are now located in Martin Hall. Students can email them at bfelgar@jsu.edu or hurst@jsu.edu.
  • As of this printing, Stone Center does not have Internet or Wi-Fi capabilities. Many professors are relocating to buildings with Wi-Fi access in order to answer emails. Responses may be delayed.
  • The School of Health Professions and Wellness have been relocated to portable classrooms on the Wallace Hall property. Students can contact Dean Christie Shelton at cshelton@jsu.edu.
  • The School of Human Services and Social Sciences has been relocated to Bibb Graves Hall Room 203. Call 256-782-5333 for assistance.
  • The School of Business and Industry, formerly located in Merrill Hall, has been relocated to the old Kitty Stone Elementary school on Francis Street. Professors have offices and phone lines and should be able to communicate with students.
  • Career Services, formerly located in Merrill Hall has been moved to Ramona Wood Hall, Suite A. Students can call (256) 782-5482 for assistance.
  • The International Program has moved to the Daugette Hall basement. Call (256) 782-5696 for assistance.
  • The ROTC Program has moved to the third floor of the TMB in the ACE room. Contact ROTC secretary Paige McCormick at dmccormick1@jsu.edu with questions.
  • The Spring 2018 graduation ceremony is scheduled for Friday, May 4 at 10 a.m. in the football stadium. There will be one ceremony. Graduates will sit with their school, but can sit in any order they choose within the school. Graduates should meet at Stephenson Hall at 9 a.m. in order to receive their name cards and Honors cords.
  • A distribution center is set up in the parking lot of Meehan Hall. Students may visit this trailer from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to receive basic goods and items.
  • Students who have been affected by the tornado and are in need of financial assistance may fill out a form here.
03262018 Campus Cleanup 30.jpg

JSU students lend a hand with cleanup efforts on March 26 (photo by Matt Reynolds/JSU).


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