Daniel Mayes, Sports Editor


I know that’s probably the hardest thing for JSU students to have right now. The beautiful campus of our University is in shambles, and the vast unknown and uncertainty far outweighs the small amount of security we’ve gotten since Monday night’s devastation.

So, understandably, it’s hard to be patient.
But patience is maybe the most important donation you can give to the University and its leaders as they try to provide answers to the flood of unanswerable questions that rivals what must be still pooling on the floor of Pete Mathews.

Remember, some of the leaders of the university that everyone is so desperate to hear from have also been dealing with loss of their own residence or property. This situation that the Gamecock community has found itself in is not a good one for anyone involved.

Everyone would love to have a perfect, foolproof plan for repairing the university and the city, and resuming classes, and allowing everyone to retrieve their belongings from their wrecked dormitories and apartments, and allowing seniors to graduate in time. All of which is formulated in a couple of hours.

But that perfect, foolproof plan just doesn’t exist. Everyone is doing the best that they possibly can given the circumstances. This is going to take time. There is just no getting around that. The amount of destruction that has gripped JSU’s campus and the Jacksonville community is not something that can be taken lightly and just shrugged off.

All we can do is have patience and trust that everything is going to resolve itself in the best way possible.

As we’ve shown on social media these last few days, Gamecock nation is a strong, tight-knit community. We don’t give up without a fight. What we need to do now is not let that uncertainty get the best of us.


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3 Comments on "Patience"

  1. Very well said.

  2. Great words from a great young man.

  3. Mitchell's Fast Lube | March 22, 2018 at 11:06 am | Reply

    we also need to trust god in all things and he will take care of thisas he took care of our children and everyone there Monday night . There were truly Angels among you on JSU campus . God bles all of us together

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