JSU Crosswalk named Person (Crosswalk) of the Year


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The JSU Crosswalk Twitter changed the  2017 Gamecock Orientation theme from “JSYOU” to its signature phrase “[JS] You may cross Pelham Street” (photo via @JSUCrosswalk/Twitter).

Alissa CamplinArts and Entertainment Editor and Katie ClineEditor-in-Chief

Getting to class on time. Giving pedestrians priority. Not dying. These are just a few things that the students of Jacksonville State University rely on the campus crosswalks for, and, this year, The Chanticleer would like to honor one particular crosswalk with the Crosswalk of the Year Award. This crosswalk has shown an unprecedented dedication to pedestrians from all walks of life. From babies in strollers to nervous college freshmen to busy professors and visiting grandparents, this crosswalk has brightened the lives of hundreds of thousands of walkers with the simple phrase “You may cross Pelham Street.”

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And, so this year, The Chanticleer is proud to present the Crosswalk of the Year Award to the JSU Crosswalk.

What makes JSU Crosswalk stand out from other run-of-the-mill crosswalks is its embrace of modern technology. Crosswalk has had its own twitter account since 2013 and uses it to interact with the JSU community it serves.

“I got [my Twitter] so I could interact with the great people of JSU more,” Crosswalk said. “I have gotten to know some, made a new bestie in Ranger Rumrill (even though I’d definitely make a better [SGA] President than him). I’ve been the voice of the people when I stood up to the JSU news Twitter page! I can say that my twitter page has helped to make a difference at this campus due to being a voice for the people.”

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The JSU Crosswalk is known for sharing memes that make fun of JSU’s sports rivals. This tweet, published a few weeks shy of JSU’s National Championship game against North Dakota State University in January 2016, shows that the NDSU crosswalk does not have its own Twitter account (photo via @JSUCrosswalk/Twitter).

SGA President Ranger Rumrill is a close, personal friend of the JSU Crosswalk.

“The Crosswalk is definitely a comedic relief that is well needed in times of stress for our campus,” Rumrill said. “Personally, the Crosswalk has made me laugh, face palm and help me campaign for elections at times! So you can definitely say that the Crosswalk has had a positive impact to me. The Crosswalk’s personality is hilarious. Always up to date with what’s going on on campus. Also, it is able to interact with people in a funny, but tasteful manner.”

JSU Crosswalk’s most recognizable trait was, until this past summer, its melodic cadence of “You may cross Pelham Street.” The City of Jacksonville remodeled the city’s crosswalks over the summer, leaving JSU Crosswalk without its catchphrase, and the topic is a sore spot for this year’s honoree.

“How would you feel to have your voice taken away?” Crosswalk asked editor Alissa Camplin during its interview. “Would you like it if someone tried to keep you quiet? I didn’t think so. We know what must be done and I’m sure the students at this wonderful University would agree whole heartedly.”

But the bitterness faded when Camplin brought up the award, which officially makes JSU Crosswalk the “best” crosswalk on campus.

“In all honesty, I already knew [I was the best],” Crosswalk said. “I mean, who else is there that can compete with the JSU Crosswalk? However, finally earning some recognition has been flattering. I won’t let this fame get to my head, I’m going to remain the same cool, humble, sassy crosswalk that everyone loves and crosses.”

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The JSU Crosswalk “redesigns” Ranger Rumrill’s campaign photo for his run for Homecoming King in 2015. Rumrill would go on to win the title in October of that year (photo via @JSUCrosswalk/Twitter).

The Crosswalk of the Year Award honors one crosswalk for its outstanding service to the school, a sometimes daunting task that the JSU Crosswalk always strives to do with a smile—or at least an enthusiastic beep.

“My favorite part [of my job] is everything. I love what I do,” Crosswalk told The Chanticleer. “Quick side tip, do what you love and you’ll never feel like you are working a day in your life. I love interacting with every single student or faculty member that walks across me on a daily basis. They are what makes JSU what JSU is all about, the friendliest campus in the South.”

The Crosswalk’s love extends to everyone on campus, and it even had some kind words for the newspaper and football team.

“I would like to add how awesome The Chanticleer is in general. You made the right choice for this award and handled this interview with a crosswalk professionally. I would like to wish the JSU football team luck during the rest of the playoffs! “

After taking time out of its 24/7 job to conduct its first-ever public interview, the JSU Crosswalk was insistent on getting back to its crossers, proof that a true public servant never rests.

When asked for any final comments, Crosswalk said, “As always, you may cross Pelham Street.”

SGA by KN.jpg

The 2017-2018 SGA Executive Officers (from left) Miranda Fairel, Breon Moore, Kasey Gamble,  Hayden Clay and Ranger Rumrill cross Pelham Street over this year’s Crosswalk of the Year Awardee, JSU Crosswalk (photo by Katy Nowak/JSU).


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