“Believe You Can Achieve”: former Chanticleer editor writes book

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Marvel Robinson

Marvel Robinson remembers the exact date and time that he graduated from Jacksonville State University.

“Friday, December 18, 2015 at 7 p.m. Forgive me for

Robinson was the sports editor for The Chanticleer beginning in January of 2014 until December of 2015 when he graduated. Although he left JSU with his bachelor’s degree in communications, he had no clear idea of where he was going next. He worked part-time at the Anniston Star as a Sports Correspondent, but eventually moved home to Birmingham to pursue other opportunities.

“I always wanted to write a book because I love to write,” Robinson said. “I was just unsure about what I wanted my first book to be about.”

Robinson found himself with more spare time than he bargained for while waiting for a job opportunity in his desired field. He dreamed of being an author and, with the extra time, he penned a book that he called “Go For It! Believe You Can Achieve”.

The book’s name comes from Robinson’s own determination to chase his dreams instead of waiting for something to simply fall into his lap.

“The book is about going for whatever it is you want in life,” Robinson said. “It’s a motivational book inspiring and pushing the readers to go for their goals and their dreams. It promotes a confident and fearless mentality. Don’t keep wasting time. Stop holding back. Don’t miss out on what could already be yours.”


Robinson’s book is available on Amazon. (photo courtesy of Marvel Robinson)

Robinson says that the book is a good motivating tool for current JSU students. It’s meant to bring confidence and courage to students as well as provide tools for helping them cope with distractions and frustrations that will come in college as well as life.

“You’ve already started and now you’re on the path to greatness and success. Just don’t give up.”

Robinson says that this book is only the beginning and that he has more ideas that he intends to write about in the future.

“My advice to students would be this: Stay focused. Do what you’re supposed to do. Don’t keep putting things off for later because it will catch up to you. Ask questions when you need help, but also do your own research and educate yourself. Remember your goals and keep them in mind. If possible, make sure you have something set up for after graduation. You can achieve it if you believe it.”

Robinson’s book “Go For It!” can be purchased on Amazon. The link can be found on the “Go For It” Facebook page.




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