Somebody that I Used to Know, Part 1: You will find the love you deserve

At 17 you had a warped view of how love was supposed to be. You thought that arguing, name calling, and the occasional slap to the face or pulling of limbs just happened in a relationship when you had disagreements. You thought that you could change that person who was broken, but you didn’t realize you were becoming broken in the process. You finally let go and it was one of the hardest things. You gave up on having a future with another human being. You didn’t believe that love really existed. You struggled with depression, but you started to truly get to know yourself. You began to see your strengths and you began to enjoy who you were. You found someone at the age of 21, who loves you with every fiber of their being and wants spend the rest of their life with you. You found the love that you didn’t think existed, and at age 24 you will be married to your best friend.



“Somebody that I Used to Know” is a weekly series featuring advice to your 17-year-old self from, JSU students, faculty and community. Sometimes funny, sometimes deep and sometimes all too relatable, “Somebody that I Used to Know” aims to bring us all together through the trials and tribulations of growing up. If you’re interested in submitting your story, send us an email at and put “Somebody that I Used to Know” in the subject line. 

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