Gamecock Guide Sneak Peek: School of Science

Katie Cline, Editor-in-Chief

Jacob Garmon Alligator by JoAnna
Jacob Garmon, a senior biology major from Jacksonville, Ala., holds a baby alligator during Dr. George Cline’s herpetology class. (JoAnna Mitchell/The Chanticleer)

Calling all future Bill Nyes, Jane Goodalls and Sheldon Coopers: JSU’s School of Science is the place for you. Formed during a campus-wide restructuring in the fall of 2016, the School of Science is home to the biology, chemistry, geography, geology, math and computer science departments.

“I have absolutely loved JSU,” said Amber Smith, a sophomore chemistry major from Bremen, Ga. “It has been a great experience, both educationally and socially. If I had to pick my favorite part of the entire experience, I would have to say developing a close group of friends that share the same goals as me.”

Students in the School of Science can major in any of the departments in the School, but many are pre-med majors and plan to go to medical school after graduating.

Such is the case with Smith; she fell in love with the sciences in high school and plans to pursue medical or pharmaceutical work in the future.

“I love finding out how the world and the human bodies work, and I feel like there is more we don’t know,” Smith said. “That’s basically why I love it: I feel like it is a field that encompasses all aspects of our lives and it has room to grow.”

Smith encourages female students like her to continue to pursue their love of science, despite it being a traditionally male-dominated field.

“My advice to any incoming freshman girls planning to major in science is to develop relationships with professors and peers who can encourage you and help you when you do not understand something,” Smith said. “Also, do not go into your science courses simply trying to make the best grades. Rather than striving for the A, strive for a better understanding of the material. Enjoy studying and learning.”

But the School of Science can help students achieve an array of goals. Caelan Goss, a senior from Piedmont, Ala., is a math major hoping to break into the field of philosophy through mathematics.

“I wanted to be a math major because in Plato’s Republic, he argues that mathematics is the beginning to understanding philosophy,” Goss said. “So, I majored in mathematics insomuch as I would be able to understand philosophy and the under workings of the universe.”

After graduation, Goss plans to pursue an advanced degree in philosophy to further understand the physics and metaphysics of the universe, and he hopes to one day become a professor of philosophy.

“It may not seem an essential part of society today,” Goss said, “but it is an underlying question which every human being queries upon; thus, I deem it a suitable query in which to base a study.”

More information about the School of Science and its respective departments can be found on JSU’s website or by calling Tracey Casey at (256) 782-5225.



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