From the editor’s desk: reflections of my first year

Katie Cline, Editor in Chief

One year. Almost to the day. That’s how long I’ve had the job of editor-in-chief.

When I was hired last April, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know that I’d start thinking on a week-to-week basis. I didn’t know that I’d start measuring the semester in newspapers. I didn’t know that I’d spend more time in my office than I did in my dorm room.

But I also didn’t know that people would come up to me and tell me that they read the paper this week or that they were glad The Chanticleer was a “voice for the students again” or that the paper had undergone “an Elizabethan rebirth under my tutelage.” And those comments have been worth everything.

As my roommates can tell you, I come home from work every day complaining about something that’s gone wrong: someone’s story was late, my computer crashed (again!), there’s absolutely nothing going on on campus this week. They’ve heard it all—plus things I’m not allowed to print in the paper.

But they’ve also heard all the wonderful things: “This new writer turned in their story, and it’s amazing!”, “We launched the new website, and I’m in love with it!”, “That story got shared 10 times today!”

So, if I had to pick 3 words to describe my job, they’d (ultimately) be validating, rewarding, and satisfying. There’s nothing quite like looking down at something and knowing that you made it. But, of course, I would never have survived without my editors.

Tim, thank you for sticking around to help with the Gamecock Guide last May. You were the only person who had any idea what was going on, and you really got me through my first semester on the job.

Bug, even though you had to go and graduate on us, thank you for making my first semester as smooth as possible! You’re awesome in every way, and I know you’re going to be a great journalist or writer or editor or whatever you set your mind to!

Alissa, thank you for filling Bug’s big shoes! You jumped right into this chaos and didn’t flinch! I love your sass and your big ideas and how you’ll do anything to get the job done. You bring so much laughter to the office (and our group chat), and I’ll always be grateful for that.

And, Rebekah, you literally just got here, but you are one of the hardest working and most selfless people I know, and I’m so lucky to have gotten you as associate editor! You’ve taken so much weight off my shoulders these last few weeks, and now that I have you, our team is complete!

My job isn’t easy. But I love it. I definitely work more than I get paid to. But I don’t usually mind. I might complain about it in the moment, but I’m convinced that you don’t complain about things if you don’t care about them. And I love my job a lot. I haven’t done everything I wanted to do, but I’ve done a lot. And, there’s always next year.

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