Waffling about what to do after college? JSU offers career lecture for Waffle House


Supermodel Chrissy Teigen, her husband and singer/actor John Legend, rapper Kanye West and his wife and reality TV star Kim Kardahian enjoy an after-after party trip to a Waffle House in Glendale, AZ. (Kim Kardashian West/Instagram)


JoAnna Mitchell, Staff Writer

“Waffle House? Really?” According to Inman Dubberly, the area Vice President, this is the usual response he receives from people as a recruiter for the company. It is easy to overlook Waffle House as a business opportunity despite its ubiquitous nature here in the south. There seems to be one in every city, but its more than just a place to go to recover after a long night on the town!

Inman, along with Meyori Brown and Chris Brown, also managers with Waffle House, met in room 105 in Merril Hall to give a follow up presentation to their career fair appearance. The goal of this meeting was to better elaborate the opportunities provided by the company as well as give career advice to students close to graduation. They even prepared waffles which were available in the lobby free of charge.

The company will be 62 years old this Labor Day and has enjoyed strong financial growth since its founding in 1955. The Waffle House brand is incredibly strong. Even celebrities love eating there. Names like Chris Rock, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and more have been seen enjoying the old fashioned southern food.

What makes a management career for Waffle House so great? The company is privately owned and all managers are offered stock options meaning that the employees not only work for the company, but for themselves. Promotions always come from within the company, with all managers starting out as a single unit manager and working their way up based on their own performance. This means that there is a chance to move quickly through the ranks!

How much can you make as a manager at Waffle House? As a single unit manager, a person can make anywhere from $45,000 to $59,800 yearly. A district manager may oversee 2-3 units and makes between $65,800 and $96,700 per year. Division managers can make $91,700-$117,000 annually and cover only 6-9 units. In addition to the great pay scale, managers are offered 3 weeks of vacation time each year and enjoy great benefits such as medical, dental and life insurance.

Waffle House offers internships to students who are close to graduation. The intern will go through the full interview process to ensure that they are a good fit for the company. Hourly opportunities are a great way to test the waters or just to make money during college.

If you are interested in a Waffle House career or wish to find out more, visit www.whcareers.com and send applications to Meyori Brown. For hourly opportunities, visit my.wafflehouse.com. The manager at our own Waffle House, Sergio Grimaldo, is an alumnus of Jacksonville State and holds a degree in Accounting. He reviews all applications for the Jacksonville store.

“Three 10-year jobs do not equal one 30-year career.” Inman said, moving along into the advice section of his presentation. Staying with a company for a long time allows you to build your reputation within that company. “People are known by the company they keep and companies are known by the people they keep.” When investigating a potential career opportunity, it is always a good idea to get a feel for the type of people that company chooses to keep for long periods of time. Inman stressed the importance of finding a mentor to help guide you through your experiences and help give you advice to maintain a strong work presence. “Finding a career is like finding a spouse.” Said Inman. Its important to make sure you and your company are a good fit.

The entire Waffle House team had one last thing to say to the students of Jacksonville State University… “GO GAMECOCKS!”

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