The Light at the End of the Tunnel, Week 5

Kristen Roberts

It’s official! Spring break is next week. Normally I’d say “for just about everyone,” but I can safely say that this is a needed break for every single person on this campus. For so many of you, it’s your first official spring break away from home and you get to head to the beach with your friends and without parental supervision. For others, you may have other trips in mind, and for some, like me, you may be planning to just sleep for the majority of spring break to try and recover from this blackhole that school has become.

But, as spring break approaches, and the murmur of plans buzzes through the halls from person to person, I can’t help but look back on my five years here at JSU at think to the trips that I haven’t taken. I’m thoroughly excited and ready for spring break and do plan for some beach time later in the week, but it’s still just a mini vacation after I dedicate some more time to schoolwork and sleep. And as I look back on my time at JSU, I realize that I was always that student who was a little too scared to be adventurous and spontaneous.

I grew up with my parents drilling into me that school always comes first, and I couldn’t agree more, especially now that I’m older. I love that my parents instilled into me the thought of school coming first, but I also look back on my time in school kind of regretting not taking those midnight trips to Birmingham with friends or somewhere else just to enjoy the fact that this was the time that I could. I look back with regrets that I didn’t save my money from working and try to travel to places better than just Panama City Beach for spring break for two years.

I’m writing this in hopes that all of you who still have these years ahead of you will realize that this is the time to do what you dream to do. Don’t let your classes slip behind, school always comes first; but, stay on top of your classes enough to know that it’s okay when to miss here and there. Make sure you still do well in school, but don’t miss out on the opportunities ahead of you to experience life. Go on spontaneous trips with your friends, have a different spring break experience to a new place that you’ve always wanted to go to, and realize that college is about making these new experiences and memories that you will learn from and grow from. I’ve learned from the fact that I didn’t do the spontaneous trips, and that’s okay! I’ve learned a lot. I’m going to enjoy my small relaxing spring break and look ahead to my graduation and my future and I hope you will do the same.

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