SGA debates bring candidates together before election


Vice President of the Student Senate (VPSS) candidates, Hayden Clay (left) and Lucas Taliaferro (right), sit the panel at the SGA executive candidate debates on Monday, March 6. Clay is the incumbent candidate. (Patrick Yim/The Chanticeer)


Patrick Yim, Special to the Chanticleer

The campaigns for spring general elections are well underway. On Monday, March 6, the executive candidates took a moment to discuss why they feel they are the best option for the office and issues that are important to the students of Jacksonville State University.

The candidates discussed a pre-selected set of questions from the SGA and took questions from students across campus.

The event opened with introductions by each candidate, including his or her involvement, vision and what they believe is important.

There are six executive positions in the SGA that represent the students: SGA President Vice-President of Student Senate (VPSS), Vice-President of Student Activities (VPSA), Vice-President of Organizational Affairs (VPOA), Chief Justice (CJ) and Director of Publicity (DOP).


Ranger Rumrill, the lone SGA President candidate, speaks to students at the SGA debates Monday night. (Patrick Yim/The Chanticleer)

As the only candidate for SGA President, Ranger Rumrill took a moment to discuss his main goal is for the upcoming administration.

“My main focus is the students. I really want to make sure that our students’ voices are heard, and that that they know it is being heard. I also want to make sure that the administration gets an accurate representation of what the students want,” said President-elect Rumrill “I know we don’t have a great relationship with the community of Jacksonville, but I don’t want to focus on necessarily what the community of Jacksonville would like or be okay with. I want to make sure that if we do something, that it is for the students first.”

From there, the SGA went into debates between the VPSS candidates, followed by VPSA candidates, and lastly the candidates for VPOA.


Katelin Molan, a candidate for VPOA takes questions at the SGA debate. (Patrick Yim/The Chanticleer)

Many of the candidates discussed the importance of involvement and the need for diversity within their branches, especially within the Student Senate and the Organizational Council (OC).

During the debate, VPOA candidate Katelin Molan discussed how important it is for the OC to work with its members, so that JSU’s organizations grow and thrive.

“When you are a small organization, it is harder to come up with unique events to help your members if there is not support from other places such as the SGA,” Molan.

There are a total of nine categories that are being decided. They are the executive positions mentioned above, as well as your choice of three different Student Senate candidates, Mr./Miss Jax State and Mr/Miss Friendly.

Students will have until 4 p.m. On Thursday March 9, to vote for their preferred candidates.

*All photos by Patrick Yim/Student Photography Corps*


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