SGA Senate nominations released

Patrick Yim, Special to the Chanticleer

The following 39 names are those students who have been approved for election to one of the 30 JSU Student Senate seats. The Student Senate acts as the legislative branch of the Student Government Association. They are responsible for creating and amending the JSU Code of Laws. If selected, these students will be responsible for making sure that JSU is a better place for all students.

During the election on March 9, 2017, each student currently registered and taking classes will be allowed to vote for three separate senators.

The choices for Student Senate are as follows:

1. Coleman Amason

2. William Arrington

3. Malin Barber

4. Jesse Battles

5. Rebekah Beasley

6. Jenna Bennett

7. Whitney Bennet

8. Mohammed Bouzouba

9. Bailee Bryant

10. Kaitlynn Campbell

11. Evan Clarke

12. William Daniel

13. Tyler Elsberry

14. Laci Gurganus

15. Clay Hardin

16. DeLena Harris

17. Hailye Hatton

18. Gregory Heathcock

19. Ulises Herrera

20. Ethan Jackson

21. Corin Manning

22. Will Milner

23. Hannah Nelson

24. Brad Nevels

25. Olivia Parsons

26. Tayor Register

27. Abbie Shipp

28. Beau Steelman

29. Jonathan Summerlin

30. Desmond Thomas

31. Macy Thomas

32. Philip Tice

33. Ty Tidwell

34. Chase Todd

35. Steven Trotter

36. Rachel Wallace

37. Abby Warren

38. Kyra Watral

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