WOW food truck still closed, to reopen in fall

The WOW food truck, stationed in the parking lot outside Stone Center, remains closed and may not reopen until this fall despite recent repairs of damaged equipment.

JSU dining services initially closed the truck after it was struck by lightning in December; the lightning damaged the cash register and computer system inside the truck, forcing dining services to look for a replacement.

Dining services plans to reopen the truck as soon as they receive a new register and the weather got warmer.

“We had it open one day about a couple of weeks ago” said Saul Lomax, the retail manager for dining services. “We had customers and then the pump went out.”

Without the water pump, employees of the truck are not able to wash their hands.

“It is a health code issue,” said Katie Tyler, who is in charge of marketing for dining services.

Lomax said the weather has been a continual issue for the truck. During cold weather, the external parts of the truck face dangers of freezing. He said the water pump probably malfunctioned during the coldest days of last winter.

“Right now we would have the truck open. It is the perfect time, but we have to wait on equipment to get sent in,” Tyler said.

Dining services often has maintenance done on the truck during the summer since it does not operate during that time. Tyler said the truck should be open for the first day of classes this fall. Lomax said the truck is usually busy and that it is convenient for students who do not want to walk to the dining hall, or don’t have time to.

“When it’s working great it is something that is really awesome for the students in Stone and Merrill,” Tyler said.

Alexander Cooper
Staff Reporter

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