Potter’s club creates pottery for funds, marketing

The JSU Potter’s Guild has been hosting events to raise funds for club activities and to market the club to students.

The hope is to host events that will involve the community and raise funds for the club activities.

Among some of the activities this year have been a pottery sale held during the fall of 2015. Proceeds from that sale went to purchasing tickets for the students in the Potter’s Guild to attend the Alabama Clay Conference in February.

They plan on holding another sale on April 14 and a “Paint your own pottery” event where the pottery will be sold for the benefit of the Potter’s Guild.

With the aim of marketing themselves, some of the students have begun creating ceramic works that would be displayed in different parts of campus.

A good example is a work created by Allison Wood, who has a ceramic serving tray and cup set on display in President Beehler’s home, along with other works of art selected by the President and Mrs. Beehler.

John Oles, supervisor to the club, showed great passion for what lies ahead for the JSU Potter’s Guild. The group had several ideas on how to improve their activities saying, “We’ve been talking about some ideas like chili bowl sales, or a coffee mug event for future fundraising as part of fall and spring sales. 

“And maybe something along the lines of an Empty Bowls fundraising event to benefit a charitable organization.” Since 1998, the JSU Potter’s Guild has been a major aspect in supplementing the ceramics program. The club led by associate professor, John Oles is mostly made up of students from upper level ceramics and some alumni.

“The Potter’s Guild had been dormant for a few years so we’re taking this year to really rebuild and get the JSU community aware of what we’re doing over here in the Carlisle Fine Arts Facility,” said Oles through an email.

The Guild meets during the Monday and Wednesday afternoon 3-6 p.m. class since that’s when almost all of the current members are present. However, “anyone is welcome,” said Oles.

If interested, people may contact the treasurer Annabelle Borrow or Mr. Oles. Among some of the future plans for the Potter’s Guild, they would like to use some of the funds gained from the pottery sales to invite visiting artists and get the student community more involved.

Collins Maroa
Staff Reporter

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