JSU Trombone Ensemble performs at church

The JSU Trombone Ensemble performed at the First United Methodist Church in Anniston Monday night.

The concert included four full ensemble pieces as well as three small choruses.

The opening piece was Benedetto Marcello’s Psalm XIX and continued through works of Ludwig van Beethoven, Cesar Franck, Anton Bruckner and more.  The ensemble had practiced nearly every Sunday since Christmas break to prepare for the concert.

Dr. David Lambert directed the all-male ensemble, which he has done for the past four years.

The ensemble is comprised of the 12 trombonists that scored the highest in their concert band auditions.

Christopher Henley assisted the ensemble by playing the organ for the final piece, Finale from Symphony No. 2, “Resurrection” by Gustav Mahler.

The piece was the hardest to execute, according to senior music education major Joel Clevenger.  Clevenger has been in the ensemble for four years.

“Getting your best friends together and making music is the most incredible thing,” he said, referring to the group.

Jake Barkley, also a senior music education major, said that he will miss performing in the ensemble a lot.

“I’ve had good trombone ensembles described as being hit in the face with a velvet glove,” Lambert said. “That’s my favorite part. To be a conductor and stand in front of that incredible sound, as opposed to playing when you’re literally behind your own sound. I’m really proud of them.”

Alissa Camplin
Staff Reporter

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