Domino’s releases new ‘Delivery Expert’ vehicle

Domino’s Pizza released a vehicle October 2015 made specifically for delivering pizzas to the public.

Design for the vehicle, which is a Chevy Spark, began in 2012. It is called the DXP, which stands for Delivery Expert.

Domino’s made the vehicle to improve customer satisfaction and delivery times.

“Hopefully people can see that our folks are passionate about getting the best quality pizza to our customers and we’ll do whatever we can. Heck if we have to build a car to get you better pizza, we’ll build it. And that’s why the DXP exists,”  said Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA, during a video created by the company.

The fully customized vehicle has a number of features, including a portable pizza oven located on the driver’s side of the car.

The oven is meant to keep pizzas warm during the delivery drive. The oven reaches temperatures as high as 140 degrees, giving customers the satisfaction of enjoying hot slices of pizza straight out of the box.

Other features of the car include a pizza console, located on the passenger’s side of the car, capable of holding pizzas, dipping sauces, salads and drinks.

The back of the car is able to hold up to 80 pizza boxes. There is a light that shines on the driver’s side of the car for nightly deliveries, alerting the driver to curbs or puddles that he or she needs to avoid.

Only select Domino’s stores in the United States have a DXP vehicle available for use. These states include Texas, Louisiana, California, and others.

What makes this move by Domino’s so interesting is that by doing this, they are making a statement.

It shows that they actually care about making customers happy and providing them with quality food.

It also sets the bar high for other fast food companies when it comes to customer satisfaction.

What will be interesting to see is whether other pizza restaurants, or other fast food companies in general, will follow their lead.

Eric Taunton
Staff Reporter

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