Unexpected sequel comes to big screen

The unexpected sequel to Olympus Has Fallen hit the big screen Friday, March 4.

The action-packed movie, London Has Fallen, picks up years later after the attack on the White House. As a result of the time that has passed, the characters have developed. For example, the main character Mike Banning is a couple weeks away from becoming a father, and is debating on whether or not he should resign from the Secret Service.

Jordan Schneider, who has seen both movies, said the characters have developed. “I think Banning has grown as a family man but also as an agent. I also think the president’s character has grown a lot. I think he fought back more this time,” she said,  “He didn’t give in like he did in the first movie where he made people tell their codes.”

Before Banning can make his decision, he must accompany President Asher to the funeral of a world leader that is in London at the last minute.

While in London, the president, much like in the first film, finds himself in trouble. Only this time, he is not the only one. All of the world leaders in attendance are killed.

President Asher initially escapes with the help of Banning, who is the head of his protective service detail. However, the enemy is holding a grudge for something and does not plan to give up easily. The fate of the president, and possibly the world, rests on the shoulders of Banning.

Actor Gerard Butler is excited about the film. In an interview on imdb.com, he said, “There’s nothing better than sitting in a cinema being excited, being scared with your adrenalin going thinking ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen next’ or being entertained, and I think that’s what this movie brings.”

The cast is similar to the first film, but it also includes some new faces. Gerard Butler still plays the part of the main character, Mike Banning. Aaron Eckhart plays the role of President Benjamin Asher.

While the president is unable to make decisions, Vice President Trumbull has to call the shots from the safety of the White House. The vice president is played by the Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman. Some of the new characters are played by Charlotte Riley, Alon Aboutboul and Waleed Zuaiter.

According to imdb.com, the movie was filmed in several different places including Bulgaria and London. The company credits belong to three separate production companies. These are Millennium Films, Gerard Butler Alan Siegel Entertainment and LHF Film. The film was directed by Babak Najafi.

After only a couple days, the-numbers.com shows the movie bringing in $7,591,000 into the Domestic Box Office.

London Has Fallen is being shown in theaters in Oxford and Gadsden.

Katelyn Schneider
Arts & Entertainment Editor

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