JSU Music Department hosts a capella concert

The JSU A Cappella Choir and the Calhoun County Civic Chorale, in conjunction with the JSU Brass Choir, performed March 6 at the First United Methodist Church in Anniston.

Members of the local community, family and friends of the performers
attended the concert.

The concert included several classical pieces. Choir Director Patricia Corbin led the group as they performed.

Dressed in black and white regalia, the choir resembled a professional opera set. The men wore black tuxedos and the women wore black suits with white blouses.

The group used two platforms in the church to create a surround effect; one of the stages was situated behind and above the congregation with the bass singers creating vibrating waves around the building. The performances included choruses, quintets, quartets and recitatives among others. Solo performances by soprano singer Noya Levy, and quintets by Levy, David Dempsey, Christopher Serrano, LaRue Bowman and Matthew Palmer, stole the show, receiving great applause.

The show lasted around two hours and ended with a standing ovation from the crowd.

“Jacksonville State University students and faculty alike need to attend these events. It is a way to improve student life,” said Sebastian Mendez, a graphic designer at JSU.

“It was my first time attending such a function and it was as if the opera had been brought to me. I’ll be attending more of the music department events for sure.”

The Music Department will host several events this year. For more information, visit the JSU events calendar on the university website.

Collins Maroa
Staff Reporter

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