Guest artists visit, perform as duo

The Reflect Harp and Percussion Duo performed March 3 at Mason Hall’s performance center. The duo included Dr. Brian Graiser and his wife, Dr. Alaina Graiser.

Brian Graiser was one of McCutchen’s former students from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Thomas W. McCutchen, professor of percussion, helped organize the concert.

“Dr. Graiser got in touch with me to let me know he and his wife were organizing a tour, and it worked out for us to have them perform here,” McCutchen said.

The concert included solo and duet pieces for harp and percussion sets, all spanning music from the French Impressionistic era. The movements were pieces composed by Claude Debussy, Franco Donatoni, Carlos Salzedo and Maurice Ravel.

The couple met while they were both studying for their Master’s in Toronto. They have performed together in recitals and larger ensembles since 2009.

The couple has taken the stage across the world, performing at venues in places such as France, Italy, China, and Australia. The JSU concert was Reflect’s debut performance as a duo, and the first performance of their upcoming inaugural spring tour.

Graiser also treated the crowd to the world premiere of his originally composed piece, “We Measure in Victims.”

He took four weeks to compose the piece, and took inspiration from the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

The piece consisted of “instruments that were specifically rooted in exotic culture,” Graiser said. “I wanted a sense of exoticism and orientalism as a possible source of xenophobia, but really as a source of adding to the collective sound,” he added.

Reflect plans to begin their tour in their native city of Cincinnati, Ohio. The tour will continue through North Carolina, eventually ending in Atlanta, Ga.

Brett Thornburg
Staff Reporter

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