Flute Studio group hosts festival, performs at Mason

Mason Hall hosted a Flute Festival March 5-6 open to all students.

Marching Southerner Alana Ivey said the flutists came together as one ensemble. Ivey also played in the festival.

The flutes ranged in size from the piccolo to the double contrabass bassoon flute. The flutists joined together and sight read ensemble music.

Mason Hall has hosted the event a couple of times in the past. The JSU Flute Studio uses the festival as a recruiting tool. Around 80 flutists participated in the festival. This included middle school students, high school students, Flute Studio students, and guest artists.

She said guest artists Dr. Nora Lee Garcia, Paige Long, and Perimeter Flutes gave inspiring performances.

JSU Flute Professor Dr. Jeremy Benson led the festival. The Flute Studio members also worked to arrange the festival.

Toward the end of the festival Saturday, the full flute ensemble joined together to put on a concert. Several of the guest artists were also involved in the concert.

The final performance aimed to display what the participants learned and to show all of their hard work.

“The event was awesome. Experiencing a full flute orchestra is a rare opportunity, and we are so lucky as a studio to be able to host such an awesome event,” Ivey said.

Katelyn Schneider
Arts & Entertainment Editor

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