Uncharted 4 to be intensively plot-based

The fourth and final installment of the Uncharted franchise will be released April 26. The game is greatly anticipated by gamers because of its action-packed gameplay and the story that will conclude the franchise.

The game will focus on fortune hunter Nathan Drake, who is the protagonist of the series.

The story focuses on Nathan and his older brother Sam, who Nathan thought was dead, and their search for a fabled pirate treasure with the help of Nathan’s longtime friend, Sully.

What makes the game different from others is the rich storyline. Nathan and Sam have been looking for the pirate treasure since they were little kids.

When Nathan tries to fulfill their shared childhood dream, he ends up causing tension with his wife, Elena Fisher. Elena has also has been a longtime love interest for Drake. Nathan’s adventures constantly endanger his life.

In every installment, rival fortune hunters attempt to kill him or get to the treasure before he does. This is probably why Nathan promised Elena that he was done hunting treasure. Nathan breaks his promise, which is likely the cause of tension between the two of them.

This installment of the franchise also has one component that hasn’t been used in any other game in the series. The game features player-controlled dialogue in which players are able to decide what Drake says at certain points in the game.

Though this won’t change how the game ends or anything too significant in the plot, it does enable the gamer to be further enriched in the story.

One of the things that has made the franchise so successful is the central villains of the games. The villains tend to be likable, relatable and interesting characters.

There are two main villains of this installment. One is Nadine Ross and another is a man that has not yet been named. Nadine Ross is an old acquaintance of Sully’s that owns an army-for-hire corporation called Shoreline.

Because of this, one might assume that the unnamed male villain is the man-in-charge between the two. However, nothing is clear at this point.

Because the game is the last installment of the franchise, a lot of fans wonder whether or not Drake will die at the end. The latest trailer definitely heightens the suspense, showing the unnamed male villain giving Nate an ultimatum.

“Look, Nate, I’m gonna make you a one-time offer: drop everything, go home, live your life or we can just end it right here.”

Obviously, gamers won’t know whether or not Drake dies until they play. However, this, along with other things, builds up a lot of suspense.

Eric Taunton III
Staff Reporter

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