Far Cry Primal takes a different approach

In this era of video games, a lot of people usually want the same thing. When it comes to first person shooters, such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, it seems like the genre is moving to a futuristic approach.

That’s not bad at all, but it is getting somewhat repetitive that players have to double jump just to kill someone with a rifle that doesn’t even exist at all.

That is not the case with Far Cry Primal.

Primal is a game that doesn’t have fancy guns or even futuristic settlements. In fact, it has none of those things. Instead, it’s set during the Stone Age and the characters don’t even know how to speak fluent English.

It is a giant step back from modern games, which can be a good thing.

You play as Takkar, the last warrior in a tribe called the Wenja, and players must seek out the land where the Wenja have fled so that the tribe can rise above extinction.

Instead of using automatic weapons and grenades, players use weapons such as clubs and bow and arrows. You can also light up these weapons with fire.

It’s not a good idea when you are surrounded by shrubbery, though, because I’ve actually lit the whole forest on fire and died.

Speaking of the forest, the game is absolutely stunning. Players can see the Milky Way Galaxy stretch across the night sky due to no man-made lights or buildings.

I’ve met some strange characters along the way. One person takes care of the main character’s small, growing tribe; another uses different voodoo type magic that allows me to hallucinate and see different animals.

While hallucinating, the character can learn to tame different animals ranging from wolves to even mammoths.

The game plays very similar to any Far Cry game in the past. Far Cry veterans can rest assure that just because this game is set way in the past, it still plays like a modern game today.

The story itself does have a solid plot. However, it takes a long time to develop.

The story doesn’t really have much to satisfy someone who has played previous Far Cry games since it is cut and to the point.

Overall, the game itself is not bad at all. I’ve been playing almost 10 hours into it and I only have about five percent of the entire story complete.

Far Cry Primal sets you in a different world with a different task far different than any game I have ever played. It also sets the tone very well.

Hector Lopez-Perez
Staff Reporter

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