JSU drama brings history to life

For some, history might not be the most interesting of subjects. Over the years, the arts and drama sector have worked on enacting historical events in order to gain people’s attention. The JSU drama department has not been left behind.

Students and faculty recently took the stage to reenact “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” a play and musical based on a book by Alex Timbers.

The play portrays Andrew Jackson, the seventh American President, as an emo rock star, dressed in tight leather pants with spiky and colored hair.

The play begins at Jackson’s birth and ends at the sunset of his presidency, showing his rise and fall while attempting to relate to today’s society.

The portrayal of past and present similarities, works perfectly due to the fact that it is an election year, and the political climate gets tenser by the day.

Michael Boynton, the play’s director, said during practice for the play, the cast hoped that certain presidential candidates would stay in the race since they were vital in relating to past and present events.

The cast members consisted of students and one faculty member, Dr. Ellen Peck, who was quick to say she enjoyed performing.

“I had not been part of a cast in a very long time, and it was surely a lot of fun,” Peck said.

“The students were not only part of the cast, but were also the heart and soul of the production,” said Randy Blades, the producer of the play.

Blades was referring to the involvement of teamwork between the staff and the students.

Boynton said the play had some challenges, and a lot of hard work had to be put into it to overcome them.

“The comedy and political satire in the play was a major challenge,” he said in response to a question raised by an audience member concerning the difficulty of remodeling the play.

The cast took approximately a year to prepare and present the play. Its final showings will be Thursday through Sunday, February 25-28. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Collins Maroa
Staff Reporter

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