Hosts of JSU radio show interview upcoming artists

On Friday February 19, the hosts of WLJS 91.9’s country music show, “Cocky Country,” headed South to Auburn to see two guys on their way to country music stardom hit the stage at Bourbon Street Bar. Just who are these two new artists? Their names are Jacob Davis and Cole Taylor.

Earlier in the week, both artists agreed to sit down with the “Cocky Country” girls, Katelyn Schneider and myself, along with The Chanticleer’s editor, Marie McBurnett, to answer a few questions about their rise in the music industry, what the future holds for them and what they would like potential new fans
to know about them.

Up first was Jacob Davis. This interview took place in Jacob’s hotel lobby after the band had participated in a band bonding game of racquetball. Tagging along to the interview was Jacob’s bass player, Teddy Christenberry.

We started the guys out with a series of ‘this or that’ questions that ranged from Skittles or M&M’s to Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert.

After that, we moved on to music questions. During the interview, he shared with us what song he recently wrote that has him fired up and after several back-and-forths with debating on if he was allowed to disclose, he said the name of it is “Love Got Me Like.”

The best piece of advice he ever received came to him from his dad and his coach through the quote, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

The final question he answered for us was what he would want someone who knew nothing about him to walk away from this interview knowing. To answer that question he pulled a Peyton Manning and said, “I want people to think that I’m a good guy.”

Next up, we went to Cole Taylor’s hotel and interviewed him a strange place, the fitness center. His interview took place after him and his band sound checked for the night.

We started out the interview the same way as our previous interview with ‘this or that’ questions ranging from truth or dare to beer or liquor. After those icebreakers, we moved on to music questions like which song he would pick out for a potential new fan to listen to. To that question he replied with picking “Lights Go Down” from his upcoming EP, Step 2.

He also mentioned in a later question that “Lights Go Down” has the potential to be his next single. The name of his next single will be revealed on the same day his EP is released, Friday, February 26. The best piece of advice he’s ever received got handed down to him from Cole Swindell, which got handed down to him from Luke Bryan, which is simply “make your own story and live it out.” He wants people to know that he is a “normal dude that is getting to live his dream out.”

Highlight songs on Cole’s upcoming EP, Step 2, include the heartwarming song with a moving melody, “8×10,” the song will take a listener back to remembering growing up in a small town, “Part of This Town,” and the fun, upbeat rhythm song, “Side to Side.”

Later that night at the Bourbon St. Bar, both guys captivated the crowd with the perfect blend of cover and original songs that they have written or released themselves. Country music fans can catch these two talented guys out on their individual tours that are paving their way to the road of success.

Renee Lyons
Special to The Chanticleer

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