Some social media users abandon their privacy

In the age of social media obsession, it seems that many users are willingly giving up their personal privacy in order to participate.

Millions of people today are on social media. If you want to find someone, all you have to do is search that person’s name on Facebook and you will probably find that person.

Additionally, some people don’t have a problem letting everyone know every little thing that they’re doing.

Posting exactly what time they got out of bed that morning, how much money is in their checking account, or that they’re going through a bad break up has become the new norm for many social media users.

It seems as though a lot of people choose to ignore the fact that this kind of behavior is not only dangerous, but also a little foolish. By doing this, people voluntarily give up their privacy.

And not only that, but they also give people the opportunity to give their opinion on every single thing they do.

Do people really need to know that it hurts when someone they know goes to the bathroom? Or that they’re having a hard time with their finances?

If someone said that there is good that comes from social media, they would be absolutely right. It gives people the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family, providing a little bit of knowledge of how they are doing.

Social media also gives people the opportunity to learn information, such as what time an event starts, or what kind of attire they are expected to wear for a work party.

However, posting serious information on the internet, or posting too frequently, depending on what it is, can be a problem.

It has been proven that some government agencies actually use social media to gain knowledge about certain people.

The Associated Press (AP) reported in 2011 that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used social media to gain insight on how people felt about certain issues.

The AP reported that they went as far as looking at people’s tweets, Facebook messages, and more. One would imagine that this was relatively easy considering that a lot of people spill their guts, so to speak, on the internet.

This begs the question, is anything really private anymore? It used to be that only the people close to someone knew their birthday, but now everyone knows, whether they are Facebook friends or not.

People also know who is related to who, what their hobbies are, and what their political and religious views are.

Whether or not this is right or wrong is up for debate; there is no right answer.

There are risks with being on social media, as with anything in life. These risks being harassment, stalking, and other things. Social media is a good thing, but it can be made a bad thing as well.

Eric Taunton
Staff Reporter

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