Guest artists hit the stage at Pelham’s

On their rise to gaining career success, they stopped in Jacksonville’s small college town. Jacksonville was their third stop out of four Alabama performances. A different stage in a different town for four back-to-back nights is tough, but it is a step closer for these two artists getting what they’ve always wanted: to write, sing, and perform country music.

Sam Grayson and Ray Fulcher performed an acoustic set at Pelham’s in Jacksonville on Friday, February 12 at 10:00 p.m.. These two men are up and coming country artists. Their names may not headline major tours yet, but they have worked with the well known names in country music. Ray Fulcher co-wrote four out of six songs of Luke Combs’ new EP “This One’s For You.”

Grayson and Fulcher agreed to do an interview before their show. The interview was done live on JSU’s radio station, WLJS 91.9.

The interview was conducted by two of the co-hosts of the show “Cocky Country,” Renee Lyons and myself.

Chanticleer chief editor, Marie McBurnett also participated in the interview process. The questions varied from if they prefer Coke over Pepsi to things that have impacted and influenced their love for country music and their desire to work in this field.

Music is their job, but it’s what they love to do. It has a much deeper meaning to them.

One of the songs that is the most special to Sam Grayson is one of the first ones he wrote, “Whiskey Love Song.” He said “I was 15 years old, and my dad actually helped me write like half of the song probably, so I think that’s one of my most favorite songs because of the fact that we wrote it together.”

Fulcher said “The whole reason I got into music is because of how it made me feel. Because I saw how it impacted others, and that’s kinda what made me want to start writing.” Both of these men repeatedly expressed that music is incredibly important to them.

George Strait, a country music icon, has had an influence on Fulcher’s music. Fulcher started the concert singing a cover of a George Strait song known as “Check Yes or No.” From there, Sam Grayson sang a cover to “Barefoot Bluejean Night” by Jake Owen.

That’s how most of the show went. Grayson and Fulcher took turns singing. To begin with, they sang covers for a while, but afterwards, they each sang some of their original pieces. They even mixed it up and rapped a little with their drummer, Tyson Thaxton.

The men started their Alabama performances in Troy on February 10. The next day they moved to Tuscaloosa and then to Jacksonville. They ended their performances on Saturday in Auburn,

The performance at Pelham’s was a fun experience for country music fans. Renee Lyons had a great time conducting an interview with the guys and loved their show.

“I really enjoyed the show! I’m a huge fan of anyone who can captivate a crowd without the crowd knowing them, and they successfully accomplished that! I think these two have a bright future ahead of them!”

Katelyn Schneider
Arts & Entertainment Editor

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