College of Arts and Sciences hosts student symposium

The College of Arts and Sciences held a student symposium on the 11th floor of the Houston Cole Library on Tuesday and Wednesday.

One student, Travis Chambers, presented a lecture entitled “The Impact of Early and Forced Marriage on the Rights of a Child in Afghanistan.”

Chambers used his own personal experience as a combat veteran to describe the importance of change in the lives of adolescents in the middle east.

Another presenter, Candace Thompson, spoke on the topic of Straining the Covenant: Parallels in the Books of Genesis and Judges.

“I’m specifically covering how the binding of Isaac matches with the sacrifice of Jephthah’s daughter, and how the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is similar to an incident involving the murder of a concubine toward the conclusion of the Book of Judges.

“I am trying to figure out why Genesis contains instances of divine mercy, but Judges seemingly does not. It’s rather murky in that book. There is possibly more to the text than what is presented, however,” Thompson said.

Each student presented a lecture lasting approximately 10 minutes each. The session on Tuesday focused on English, biology, geography and computer science. The afternoon session consisted of lectures by students speaking on english, computer science, and social work.

Wednesday morning’s session began with presentations by english students who were looking at the Bible as literature. The session continued with presentations on political science, computer science and social work. One student developed his own video game.

Since 1995, the symposium has allowed students to present their research and projects to the student body. Faculty members guided and mentored students in the development of their presentations.

Emily Kirby
Staff Reporter

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