Women’s basketball wins back home against Tennessee State

The JSU women rode their victory last week against Eastern Kentucky back home and claimed their second consecutive OVC win against Tennessee State.

The win gave the Gamecocks a 9-13 record overall and a 4-6 record in OVC play. The Gamecocks were led by Briana Benson who had 21 points on the night and Destiny James who recorded 11 of her own. JSU was also .389 percent for three-pointers on the night.

TSU opened with a three-point shot before Destiny James was able to score the first two for the Gamecocks along with a free throw that tied the score. TSU climbed up six more before the Gamecocks were able to score another three off of Briana Benson. As the first quarter closed the score sat tied at 12-12 after Benson’s success in catching up to the Tigers.

Nearly two minutes ticked off the clock of the second quarter before a free throw by Tyler Phelion put the Gamecocks back in the lead by one. The Gamecocks held the Tigers at 12 while they inched the score up by eight with 5:04 left. The Tigers broke their dry spell by scoring two, but Destiny James was right behind with a three-pointer that put the Gamecocks back up by nine. TSU took control and began to chip away at JSU’s lead by bringing it down to six at 25-19 with less than 3:30 left in the half.

Kelly Naughton and Gretchen Morrison both had three-pointers to help the Gamecocks’ lead but it didn’t keep the Tigers from closing in on the Gamecocks. At the end of the second the Gamecocks were only up by five at 31-26.

The second half opened with the Tigers scoring a quick jumper to cut the lead to only three. Courtney Strain was quick off the draw and took a three-pointer that helped JSU stay in front. For the remainder of the quarter the Gamecocks were never down by less than five. While they managed to take their lead out to ten three times in the quarter, they were unable to keep the Tigers from coming right back. The third quarter closed as the first half had: with the Gamecocks in the lead only by five this time at 49-44.

The final quarter was by far the best for the Gamecocks. While they entered being up only by five, they would close with a win by 14.

Phelion opened up with a layup that put the Gamecocks up by seven. The Tigers closed the gap back down to five moments later. The Gamecocks then took the scoring and were quickly up by ten with less than six minutes to go. While the Tigers tried desperately to cut the lead, JSU continued to make it difficult. After being up by ten for the fourth time in the quarter, JSU took the lead and ran with it. Four free throws by both Benson and James later, the Gamecocks took the win 69-55.

Rebekah Hawkins
Staff Reporter

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