Popular and upcoming shows on Netflix

The semester is in full swing and with that comes the wonders of Netflix. Netflix still has the same popular shows that everyone can enjoy, but with the new year, it has added more seasons and new shows. The binge website is only getting better.

As of right now, some of the most popular shows on Netflix consist of Making a Murderer, New Girl, Arrow, Avengers Assemble, and Parks and Recreation according to complex.com. However, there are many more.

These popular shows are good for late nights and study breaks. The show Arrow takes a spoiled rich boy and leaves him on a deadly island for 5 years. The Green Arrow is born and these are his adventures. Avengers Assemble is an animated show about the amazing Avengers and the adventures they go through to beat up bad guys. According to imbd.com, Parks and Recreation is a show that stars a quirky cast in Indiana who want to make plans to make their town a better place. It includes actors such as Amy Poehler, Jim O’Heir, and Nick Offerman.

There are new shows that appeal to all different age groups. There will even be a couple of kids’ shows that will be released on the website. Two of these shows are Turbo Fast (Season 3) and Care Bears & Cousins (Season 2). There are also a lot of Disney movies that are on Netflix.

TV shows are not the only things that have been improved for 2016. Movies of all kinds have been added to the website. There are comedies and horror films such as House of Wax, and action movies that are set to release throughout the year.

One TV show that is getting a lot of attention is Fuller House. It is a  reboot for the well known show Full House. This has sparked a lot of interest in college-aged students and the older generation.

Netflix is constantly changing the show completion from year to year, some lesser known shows get booted, to make way for shows that can possibly shine better.  This coming February, Netflix will be introducing a flood of some amazing Netflix Originals according to whats-on-netflix.com.

The variety of genres, the widespread target audience, and the consistent influx of new television shows and movies can be great for families. Netflix is entertaining for almost everyone. Netflix is a website that is full of television shows and movies keep people interested.

Tabitha Rayburn
Special to The Chanticleer

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