JSU FAN Club welcomes all super fans

Jacksonville State University has many different types of clubs that are available to students. These clubs vary so much that there is at least one that a student would be interested in. One club that students enjoy is the JSU FAN Club.

Perhaps unheard of by the general student population, there is a club specifically designed for all types of fandoms—everything from Doctor Who to Pokémon. The JSU FAN (Fandom Association Network) Club, originally known as the Doctor Who Club, is under the sponsorship of JSU history professor, Llewellyn Cook. The president of this club is student, Tiffany Strickland. The JSU FAN Club is roughly a two-year old organization, and it has grown in those two years. After some initial meetings, the veteran members and leadership quickly realized that new members were interested in other fandoms besides Doctor Who; therefore, the name change resulted in attracting more members.

The purpose of the club is to provide a hangout spot where all the “nerds” of the campus can get together to enjoy some epic discussions about whose fandom is better or if they should trade that Pikachu for a Staryu. Last year, the club hosted a Harry Potter party complete with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and magical-themed treats.

“It really makes me proud to see them all making new friends and experiencing new adventures and hobbies, and it makes me immensely happy to be a part of it,” said club president,Tiffany Strickland. During the semester, the club hosts many different events—video game tournaments, cosplay events, and potlucks. The club even organizes special trips to conventions in Alabama and Georgia. One upcoming trip the club is considering  attending is AnniCon in Anniston on February 6.

Tiffany Strickland, the club’s current president, has big goals for the club. Strickland hopes to include the club in more events and fundraisers around campus. Last year, the club participated in the Delta Zeta Turtle Tug event and worked closely with the other clubs.

According to Strickland, one of the most exciting parts about the club is the cosplay. Cosplay is a performance art derived from the words “costume” and “play.” One usually builds or sews his or her costume based on his or her favorite character from an anime, video game, or movie. The members will then debut their creations.

The club’s first few meetings are usually attended by twenty people, but the club gains popularity throughout the semester and averages around fifty members at the last few meetings.

Overall, Strickland and the rest of the club’s council aim to achieve an environment where all fellow “nerds” can come together and be themselves. Whether it be through a television show or movie, this club has something for everyone and is a great place for freshmen who need somewhere to fit in. Potential members can find a booth for the club at Orientation and Freshman Convocation for more information.

Matt Hill
Staff Reporter

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