JSU Drama prepares for upcoming season

Jacksonville State University Drama Department always has performances that please the crowds, and this spring semester is not going to be any different.

One of the first plays to take the stage will be ‘Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson.’ It is based on a book by Alex Timbers, and the music will be from Michael Friedman. This play brings history and politics to life in an exciting way.

“Anyone who likes a fresh look at our history and doesn’t mind questioning assumptions about our politics and our society will really like the show,” the head of the drama department, Dr. Randy Blades said. “The show plays with a lot of stereotypes and assumptions about America and our culture which is a lot of fun.”

“It is very rock-based and contains a bit of profanity and sexual innuendo, but it is presented in a really entertaining way,” he said.

This type of production will be a first for the drama department. Nothing like this has been performed before, but Blades loves the story that the play tells.

He said it will be challenging to bring this script to life because “the lighting and scenery have to work both as a stage set and a rock concert.  We are doing a lot more with projections than we have in the past.”

He feels that these challenges can be overcome and he is determined to get this play on the stage because “it is such a fresh and strange approach to a history that we often try to ignore or sugar coat, and I find the story something really worth telling.”

This production is set to be performed for two separate weeks. It will be show February 18 through the 21 and February 25 through 28.

The main leads are Cody Hays playing Andrew Jackson, Susan Grace Catrett playing Rachel Jackson and Aaron Martin playing the band leader.

Jessica Reaves — the first student who has ever designed JSU musical scenery — designed the set. The costumes are modern punk, hip-hop and rock inspired with some fun period detail thrown in designed by the director Randy Blades.

Even the lighting will pertain to this rock concert theme designed by Robert Graham.

Auditions and other preparations for this began last fall.

People who do not like loud music and are generally against profanity may want to skip this production. However, there will be several student productions that will follow for the rest of the semester.

Michelle Megill
Staff Reporter

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