Hearing date set for alleged BB gun vandals

The Jacksonville Police Department (JPD) apprehended three individuals last month on suspicion of connection with several acts of vandalism that extended from the JSU campus to areas near Weaver.

Post-preliminary hearings will begin for the accused on January 28, according to The Anniston Star.

Throughout the fall semester of 2015, several JSU students’ vehicles were damaged by BBs from BB guns. The vandalism intensified when the crime spread from Jacksonville to Weaver. The vandals eventually moved from shooting cars to also windows and housing units in Calhoun County neighborhoods.

Around 11 p.m. on December 8, 2015, JPD officials received a tip to look for three individuals driving around in a silver 1999 Honda Accord, according to The Anniston Star.

The Star later confirmed that police stopped the vehicle at George Douthit Drive Southwest “for allegedly running a stop sign.”

When inspecting the vehicle, JPD officials found the trio in possession of “marijuana, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, BB pistols” and “carbon dioxide canisters,” according to WBRC: Fox 6 News.

The three suspects, Michael Frankum, Matthew Frankum, and Shannon Brooks, were sent to both the Jacksonville and Calhoun County Jails. On December 16, they faced a combined total of 188 charges for alleged acts of vandalism in Weaver and Jacksonville.

The suspects could face a jail sentence ranging from two to 20 years, especially if convicted for the felony charges involving shooting cars and buildings, along with the misdemeanor drug and alcohol charges.

The sentences could likely be extended since more citizens who have been victimized are continuing to come forward. Calhoun County resident Katie Donahue said that, during the week of December 5, her neighborhood was exposed to a series of crimes.

Donahue said that during that week, while shopping at Walgreen’s, she discovered that her mini-van bumper was damaged from what she assumed was BB gun ammunition. Donahue’s fellow neighbors revealed to her that their car windows had been shot up by the same type of weaponry.

The incidents were not reported to the JPD after a close source indicated that the case had already been closed. Neither JPD or UPD could be reached for comment.

Jefferson Varner IV
Staff Reporter

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