Big news busters from over the holiday break

While classes were dismissed for the holiday break, several things were happening on campus and nationwide.

Star athlete Peyton Manning has faced heated allegations of steroid and human growth hormone use after Middle Eastern reporting agency Al Jazeera first broke the questionable report. In wake of being “that angry,” Manning said to the press that he would probably sue the journalistic unit for their “misconstrued” publication.

Sorely missed hip-hop artist Missy Elliott returned to the music scene after seven years of inactivity as a leading musician. Elliott has risen to the top 10 of several music charts with her latest club offering “WTF (Where They From),” which is currently used for Ellen DeGeneres’ Dance Challenge.

For those JSU students or Jacksonville residents tired of the same food, maybe Dairy Queen can help. The tasty franchise is to make its 2016 debut in town across the nearby Grub Mart. The Anniston Star reported the business will have three flat-screen televisions, phone chargers and WiFi.

The notorious and unapologetic ‘hacktivist’ unit that is simply known as Anonymous made a break across the news boards with its announcement to hijack terrorist group ISIS’ social media networking systems.

The terrorists dubbed the potential move ‘idiotic,’ but it appears by way of CNBC that Anonymous garnered the last laugh as they reportedly “trolled” and “erased” hundreds of Facebook and Twitter accounts affiliated with ISIS.

Some remember her as the emotional Christine in the 2004 flick Crash, along with her love interest role in the 2007 comedy picture Norbit, but to a new-sort-of audience, Thandie Newton may have to settle with being the one who voiced outrage against Starbucks’ display of a racially offensive statue.

The British actress snapped a photograph of a figure placed on a front-counter that represented a safari-clothed black child holding a basket of cocoa beans, and then leaked it to Twitter. People reported that about six hours later, Starbucks responded to the tweet and assured Newton that the statue would be immediately removed.

Two crimes occurred nearby campus, both occurring roughly one week apart. The first included the BB gunfire spree that extended from JSU grounds to bordering city Weaver. The other involved two teens getting hospitalized after an alleged brawl outside the off-campus McDonald’s, as stated by WBRC.

Former United States President Jimmy Carter is still going strong. The 91-year-old hero disclosed to The Today Show that he has fully recovered from brain cancer. How exactly? Sources indicate that Carter presumably utilized a combination of an expensive drug and effective immunotherapy.

Krampus wasn’t the only spectacular hit in the film world last month. A trailer for the eye-popping Pride and Prejudice and Zombies hit the net, and has since been the talk around campus.

Following hefty delays in development and production stages, the film, which stars Natalie Portman, is to see light next month.

Jefferson Varner IV
Staff Reporter

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