Welcome back from Thanksgiving concert to be held Friday

Are your musical senses tingling? Perhaps it is because this Friday, a free concert, Welcome Back #JaxSU, will be held at the Jacksonville Square establishment Brother’s bar.

The event will feature an array of multi-genre acts such as math rock collective Pace House and hip-hop sensation Blake Graham. The versatile post-Thanksgiving showcase will run from 9 p.m. until whenever the party stops, and is opened for ages 18 and up.

Graham made Chanticleer headlines earlier this year for dancing on the JSU quad and happens to be both the lead headliner and main organizer of the event.

He said he felt it was necessary to give the JSU students something to do “when they [return] from their [Thanksgiving] break.”

His and performers’ dream outcome for the event is for people to have a good time and to spread the word of their showcase numbers.As an artist, Blake Graham hopes potential attendees who may be inexperienced to his sound will enjoy the show.

Other than him and Pace House gracing the stage, four other acts will attain the experience in hopes of captivating attention from the Jacksonville crowd.

Remaining line-up performers include Thump, David Lewis, The Sunsets, Couture Major and Black Label; the latter of which will be granted a 10-minute spot.

As in some familiar concerts, promotional items such as CDs and T-shirts are often sold at the door to encourage event-goers to check out more of the performers’ material.

However, lead organizer Graham confirms that he may be the only crowd-thumper selling items.

“I can’t speak for everybody, but I’m gonna set up a booth that’ll have CDs like my 6-track EP that will be on sell for $3, and then my last full-length mixtape ‘Co-Creation,’ which will be on sell for $5,” said Graham.

In regards to guests, disc jockey Ace Twan of 91.9 FM WLJS will be the DJ for the sets, as others like communication major, Gabrielle  Ferrell of N-GEN and local female pact Pretty Face Promotions have been in talks to assist in promoting the show.

With so much effort and energy being put in the show, many have grown curious in the recent days as to why the concert is signified “so special” unlike previous events.

Graham proudly confirms that it is a free concert – a great deal for some JSU students, especially following the hectic rituals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With the mention of the concert being free making moves across town, Blake Graham is hoping people will “just come see and give [him and the
musicians] a chance.”

The proud organizer and aspiring rapper questions, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Graham even blatantly addresses to those who may be still undecided in showing up to the lively experience.

“You go to the show, have a good time, this is a free concert, you don’t have to pay anything,” he said.

But Graham’s focus is not fixated on those still in the deciding, he is more interested in channeling the energy from those excited to appear at the event. Something he said he will be deeply appreciative of.

Jefferson Varner IV
Staff Reporter

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