Jacksonville is lovin’ all day breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and McDonald’s agrees. McDonald’s has recently decided to make breakfast available all day, everyday. For the most part, I think allowing a 24/7 breakfast menu is an excellent decision on their part.

Customers will no longer have to worry about pulling into the drive-thru at 10:29 a.m. and being told that breakfast is no longer being served. There will no longer be the worry of being just a minute late. People can crave hash browns, sausage biscuits, or some other breakfast item and not have to worry about a time frame at all.

How many times have you wanted breakfast for dinner? How many times have you just wanted to have  it available to you quickly so you can continue through your busy day? That was never really an option until now. McDonald’s has found another thing for customers to love. This will be a refreshing change for breakfast enthusiasts.

I believe the decision to serve breakfast all day says a lot about McDonald’s. More than likely, the decision was made because there will be an increase in profits. This is why there were a few testing periods with this change. This change to the menu is one more way for McDonald’s to stay competitive with other fast food establishments. If people have the option to sleep in and still get a good breakfast, that is what they are going to do. An idea like this will certainly be profitable. They are a business, so it is natural to think this way. I think it shows more to McDonald’s than just the corporate mindset they have.

I believe it shows the fact that they are in tune with what their customers want. It shows that they value the relationship between the business and the people who make it possible. McDonald’s has been a well-known corporation for such a long time. The fact that they are still flexible to the changing desires of customers is something worth being appreciated.

A few concerns come to mind when I think about this new opportunity. There is not a very solid way to predict who is going to want breakfast after the normal hours. It begs the question of how they are planning to prepare the food. If it is all prepared in the morning, do they plan to just reheat it when a customer does want it? Will the breakfast items still be as fresh outside of the original operating hours? This is just one more thing for a company that already has a larger influx of people to worry about. Is this added pressure going to result is the loss of the quality of the breakfast foods people wanted so much?

I am sure that these questions have been brought up and addressed by the McDonald’s franchise as well, but it is something that I question. For the most part, I think this is a cool change. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I won’t turn down the option to have it whenever I want.

Katelyn Schneider
Staff Reporter

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