New thrift store to donate to no-kill animal shelter

Calhoun County EMA receptionist and JSU student Karen Way is opening a thrift store called White Rabbit in Jacksonville on Saturday, November 7, at noon. The thrift store is located just off the square on 114 Clinton Street SE — next to Accent Floral Designs  and will be offering a variety of new options.

According to Way, White Rabbit will “stay away from the normal thrift store, and go more with the college crowd.”

The thrift store will consist of clothing, shoes, jewelry,and even some art from local artists. “

The store is made up of some things that we have found, but not the normal stained T-shirts you see in a thrift store,” Way said.

White Rabbit will also be doing consignments, and will be offering unique items for shoppers. “I have always been a thrift store shopper,” she said. “I like to be an individual and to get things that you can not just go to Walmart or anywhere else in town to get.”

The thrift store has been a long-fought process for Way. “My mother got me started on thrift stores and yard sales, and it has been a dream of mine, it has been scary, but fun,” she said.

The store will be run by Way, and her husband will also help with repairs. Way intends to reach the community as a whole. White Rabbit is affiliated with the League for Animal Welfare. It is one of the only no kill animal shelters in the area, and is operating right at full capacity.

With every purchase, 10% will go to the shelter, and White Rabbit will also be accepting donations of food, blankets, and other necessities for the shelter animals.

“I have always been an animal person and this will offer me a chance to help out,” Way said.

The definitive hours have not yet been set, but Way plans to have the store open 10-6 Wednesday through Saturday. In addition to running the store, Way is working and taking emergency management courses at Jacksonville State.

“It will take a couple of months for me to start seeing a profit from the store because of the price of opening, but the goal is for the store to be self-sufficient eventually,” she said.

After several weeks of planning and looking around, Way found the location on Clinton St. “We had looked several other places, but they never did work out due to the price, or someone buying the space before us. When we found this, it was perfect. The location was great, the rent was great, and we were ready to make it happen.”

The store came with a jewelry case and some places for storage, and Way spent some time cleaning the location, and repainting it to get it ready for the grand opening on Saturday.

“We are hoping to do something different, and to embrace the old saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” she said.

Lauren Jackson
Staff Reporter

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