NAACP hosts talent show

The NAACP at JSU hosted a talent show on Monday night at Wallace Hall. Those that wanted to attend the talent show could wear costumes, in the spirit of Halloween, and be admitted for only $1; students that did not wear costumes were required to pay $2.

Students that wore costumes to the show were able to participate in a costume contest. Contestants came as characters like Olivia Pope, the main character in the TV show Scandal. Other costumes included a ninja and a businessman.

The winner of the costume contest was the participant that came as Olivia Pope. The winners of the talent show included Shawn Dean, who won first place, Jahi Daniels in second, and Rayvon Goodwin in third place.

Frantinique Finn, President of the NAACP at JSU, and Darshay Lampley, Vice President of the NAACP at JSU, were enthusiastic about the talent show. Not only do they believe that this gave students the chance to come together, they also believe that this was an opportunity for the NAACP to show another side of the organization.

“This is good for the NAACP because this shows that we’re not only about business and rallying against social injustice. We like to get silly and let our hair down,” Lampley said.

Finn and Lampley did a lot to make sure that the students had a good time. They hired a DJ that had good taste in music, and a host that kept the audience interested.

They chose DJ KingSpen, a local disc jockey that attends JSU, and Aaron Perkins, the host of the talent show, who is also a JSU student. KingSpen hyped up the crowd with music from the 1980s to the present day; Perkins also kept the crowd in high spirits with funny jokes and comments.

Students that attended heard a lot of musical talent. Some contestants sang and rapped their favorite songs. Some even performed songs that they wrote with instrumentals that they made themselves.

Audience members sang and rapped along with performing students, and some even danced. In the middle of the show, members of the audience jumped on stage and started dancing.

This started dance contests between audience members and even KingSpen. Students could be seen posting videos and pictures to social media of contestants and audience members dancing, rapping, and singing to their favorite songs.

The talent show was an overall success. Students had fun, there were many participants, contestants were able to show their talents, and a lot of money was raised for the organization.

Eric Taunton
Staff Reporter

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