Annual SGA Harvest Festival haunts campus

The Theron Montgomery Building auditorium was flooded with ghosts, skeletons, and other characters on Tuesday for the Student Government Association’s annual Harvest Festival. The event, held from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m., was relocated from the quad to the TMB due to the poor weather conditions. However, there was still a great turn out.

It was not strictly a campus-only event. The entire Jacksonville community was welcome to join in on all of the festivities, and it is especially targeted towards kids.

SGA president Tyler Brown said, “It is for the children of the community that want to come out and see JSU.” Kids of all ages came dressed in all sorts of creative and creepy costumes with buckets that were ready to be filled with candy.

Parents and children walked around, looking at the various tables and activities that were set up around the room; these things were put together by different student groups that belong to JSU.

Every organization at JSU was able to participate if they wanted to.

Some of the participating organizations included the Freshman Forum, the Honors Program, Sav-a-Life and the Secular Student Alliance. Some fraternities and sororities also attended the event.

Participating groups were asked to set up tables for the kids to enjoy. The tables just needed to have a theme accompanied by a game.

Many of the groups put together games, such as corn hole, but they also came up with other fun activities. For example, the JSU Honors Program created a game for the kids called “Lasso the Villain.”

The kids that played these games were able to win even more candy and other small prizes. The Freshman Forum did face painting, and it was a big hit with the kids.

This is the third year that the SGA Harvest Festival has been held. Some student organizations have participated every year, but others are new to the festival.

The students of the JSU organizations were very excited about helping out.

Secular Student Alliance member Ben Williams said, “This is our first year doing the Harvest Festival. Today, we have the ‘Pumpkin Bowling Lane’ and we’re giving away pumpkin shaped candy. It looks like it’s going to be a blast.”

Along with the JSU organizations, the Calhoun Academy of Dance also made an appearance at the festival. They performed around 22 dances for the audience.

Some routines were pieces they use for competitions, and others were pieces they had just practiced in class.

The Academy dancers ranged from age three to eighteen. The director of the Calhoun Academy of Dance, Alison Woodward, was thrilled to be at the festival. She said, “We love it! It’s one of our favorite community events, and we’re honored to be able to participate every year. We are glad to be back.”

Members of the SGA also handed out pamphlets that included information on Homecoming, which will be held this Saturday.

Katelyn Schneider
Staff Reporter

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