Marching band poll spurs heated debate

The crisp fall leaves crumble under one’s shoes and the cooler temperatures become commonplace — long sleeves are shaken from their closet to gain priority once more. It’s officially fall.

If there is one thing this means to me, it’s that it’s time for the heart of the college football season to take place, which means it’s also time to hear some of the best bands in Alabama. has a poll out inviting fans and students alike to vote on their favorite Alabama marching band. With the first week in the books, I think it should be obvious, to anyone who has actually seen any of these bands play, that JSU’s Marching Southerners should be considered the best in the land.

In the first round, JSU took on Troy, which led to some hotly debated topics on social media regarding which band is the best. In the end, and rightfully so if I may say, JSU vanquished Troy in order to move onto the second round.

This left many Troy fans and students in shock. I, on the other hand, was not shocked in the least. There’s nothing wrong with Troy’s band, especially if you enjoy loud music, but it’s not up to the quality and pageantry of the Southerners.

JSU isn’t like any of the other bands in the competition. They use a rare bass instrument called the Conn 20-J upright recording bass, according to band member Mikey Petersen. I think that it gives them a unique sound, one you are not likely to find anywhere else.

As everyone on campus knows, they also use ballerinas instead of majorettes, and believe me there’s nothing like seeing the JSU ballerinas on a Saturday. The fans are always enraptured by their performance.

This week, JSU is against North Alabama in the polling, a contest which JSU should win. Although North Alabama has shown great improvement over the years in their performances, they still don’t quite match up to the tradition and greatness of the Southerners.

When it comes to beating Troy or North Alabama, there shouldn’t be much doubt. However, the issue comes when or if they compete against the two most popular colleges in Alabama: the universities of Auburn and Alabama.

Both of these colleges have more students and considerably more fans, so it is to say that there is a distinct advantage to them in any matchup they receive in the polls.

So I ask of the students of JSU, and the true fans of bands across the state of Alabama, to make the right choice when picking the best band in Alabama.

There’s nothing wrong with Alabama, Auburn or any of the other competing schools in Alabama. The atmospheres at any of these colleges are crazy on Saturday.

However, to me, and I’ve been to both Alabama and Auburn, there’s nothing better than hearing the Southerners introduced over the PA system at Burgess-Snow field on a cool Saturday afternoon.

Nothing against any of the other schools . . . They’re just not the JSU Marching Southerners.

Nathan Cavitt
Staff Reporter

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