Is Alabama unprepared for a zombie threat?

Since the remake of George Romero’s genre defining work Dawn of the Dead in 2004, and particularly the release of The Walking Dead television series in 2010, zombies have become an ever increasing fixture of American pop culture. Now it seems the popularity of zombies has begun to cross over into politics.

Recently Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback gained accolades across the political spectrum for his declaration that October would officially be recognized as the state’s “Zombie Preparedness Month.”  The governor felt the announcement would serve as a flashy way to get his state’s citizens to plan — and prepare —  for any and all natural disasters including, of course, the event of a zombie outbreak.

Governor Brownback even revealed that he and his son have invested significant time in preparing for a possible zombie apocalypse themselves. Specifically, they have planned to fall back to the Governors parents’ isolated farmhouse in hopes of riding out the crisis much like season two of The Walking Dead series.

The Governor explained in a press conference that if one could properly prepare for a zombie outbreak they could also be ready for any of the other more likely disasters the state may one day experience.

The Governor went on to recommend that planning for the zombie apocalypse is the same as planning for any disaster one needs three things: a disaster kit, a plan and practice.

At the signing ceremony, Brownback appeared alongside citizens dressed as the looming zombie menace and discussed several other issues such as fire and auto safety, as well as bullying prevention.

Over the course of the month, state social media services also helped prepare their constituents with challenges aimed at readying them for both a potential zombie outbreak, and more mundane disasters. For those in Alabama who feel zombies are serious business though, the question becomes with October drawing to an end why has Alabama’s Governor Bentley failed to implement a similar initiative?

Does the Governor not want his state equally prepared in the event that as we have witnessed before, science-fiction becomes fact?

Happy Halloween!

Kevin Spann
Political Columnist

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