AIGA celebrates artists in Jacksonville

The American Institute of Graphic Arts, or AIGA, is the largest and oldest professional association for design in the country. It has over 25,000 members in more then 70 chapters, with the newest chapter starting right here in Jacksonville.

The goal of AIGA is to “enhance the value and deepen the impact of design across all disciplines on business, society, and our collective future,” according to their motto. AIGA offers valuable resources from professional development and job listings, to private design competitions and conferences.

So why is AIGA coming to JSU? It started just last year, with a small group of interested art students, who wanted to grow their opportunities in the artistic community.

With the help of the new professors Chad Anderson and Christian Dunn, and the five founding student officers Jake Bearden, Erin Barkwell River Kiener, Annabelle Barrow and Dana Allen, AIGA was set in motion for starting at JSU.

You do not have to be an art major or have a degree in art to be a member of AIGA. It is an association for people from “design fans to the profession’s leasing practitioners, AIGA members come from all fields, and all levels of experience,” according to AIGA.

If you are a design enthusiast, student, designer, educator, creative thinker or even a business owner, AIGA is here to invite you into the extensive world of design.

Now that you know you can join, why would you want to? AIGA at JSU not only offers networking opportunities with fellow design lovers, guest speakers, trips to art happenings, but they host local events to let out students’ creative sides.

Their next event is “Decking the Halls,” where people can paint their heart’s content (as long as your heart’s content is not vulgar or slander) on the deck of a skateboard and have it displayed in the Halls of Hammond hall.

For more information about AIGA at JSU, membership, or upcoming events please contact Annabelle Barrow at

Emily Muir
Special to The Chanticleer

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